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Wherein differs a building, planned holistically, from a conventional one?

Basically, the higher goal of the former should be to confer health and contentment on the physical, mental and emotional levels to the building’s residents. But how can a building exert effects on the mental level? Here we require a relevant concept regarding the laws of nature and the right measures to restore a natural equilibrium. 

When a building, being in harmony with nature, creates harmony and well-being for the inhabitants, then its architecture could be, in my view, described as holistic.

As far as I can see, such holistic architecture rests on four pillars: geomancy, vastu (or feng shui), modern architectural concepts, and building biology. Building biology and modern architecture can be likened to the “hardware” of holistic architecture and give the material frame to the building, whereas geomancy and vastu represent the actual „software“, giving meaning and purpose to the building.

At present, modern architecture and building biology are constantly developing, especially in the areas of technical equipment, new materials, home comfort and use of forms.

Beyond modern developments in architecture a rich cross-cultural treasure of experiences exists in the history of architecture regarding harmonic laws, also about subtle laws of nature within geomancy and Vastu, including how these can be integrated in and around buildings at a given location.

When modern architectural knowledge is combined with pertinent experience and wisdom from various cultures, then it is possible to implement a truly holistic architecture. The motto then is: The best from the past and the best from the presence. Hence my involvement in the following four disciplines:

Modern architecture 

The big plus point of modern architecture is the high standard of technical possibilities, particularly for the construction process and equipping of a building. Also in developing ground plan and functionality of a building, modern architecture has high quality standards.

Building biology 

Building biology is concerned with the attributes of materials used in the building. With the help of building biology wholesome ways of constructing and healthy materials can be selected, the living climate can be optimized, the technical fittings can be selected meaningfully and installed, environmental toxins and negative influences from nature and civilization can be limited.

The research and the body of knowledge of building biology deal with the categories health, well-being, comfort, efficiency, ecology, climate, environmental influences etc. Thus building biology contributes a great deal to the well-being and health of inhabitants living inside such buildings.


Geomancy deals with the subtle inter-relations within nature and evolved from the pool of experience of past western culture as well as from modern amplifications revealed by modern research. The knowledge of geomancy assists especially in evaluating a building site’s “quality”, and in developing functional forms in ground plan and building. Moreover it is of great value for open space design and urban development.


The teaching of vastu originates in the Indian culture, and in the past millennia it has – hardly known today – widely influenced western architecture. Through vastu the overall quality of the location can be validated, an optimal place on the premises for a building can be found, and the shape of the building and the arrangement of utility areas can be conceptualized.

The planning for open spaces is equally facilitated by vastu. Moreover it offers clear holistic planning principles for urban architecture.

Planing of new buildings and building conversions: 

When a client wants to implement a construction project that is to be holistic and in touch with nature, I can offer the development of a project on the basis of geomancy, vastu and building biology, together with my experience as architect, to achieve the client’s goal. 

Expert advice during the planning phase: 

When the client has planned already a house, I can offer to review the plans under the principles of geomancy, vastu and building biology. Usually, additional significant aspects for the architectural concept and the general well-being of the future inhabitants can be integrated: e. g. arranging the utility areas according to the vastu of cardinal directions, improving the room outlines with harmonic proportions, optimizing the entire electric cabling in view of electro-smog. Apart from that I advise in choosing healthy building materials, and much more. The plans may be analyzed also via email, and a field visit is not always necessary.

Services and costs:

All architect services before and during construction of new buildings and renovation of older ones

Landscape architecture

Urban planning

Expert counsel for building projects, based on building biology, geomancy and vastu

Remuneration for architect services according HOAI

Consultation by appointment

Feel free to make an appointment.


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